Freshwater Aquarium Secrets Revealed!  What the Pet Stores DON'T want you to know and WHY!

"Discover Freshwater Aquarium Secrets that Pet Stores Do NOT Want You to Know!  Have Happier, Healthier Freshwater Aquarium Fish - GUARANTEED!"

Beginners and experts alike will be amazed at what they are about to discover in the eBook, "My Freshwater Aquarium Secrets."

My freshwater aquarium guide is THE ANSWER to any questions you have, and hundreds more you never knew to ask!  Do you want to have THE MOST IMPRESSIVE freshwater aquarium anywhere?  Then this eBook is for you!  You'll be amazed at what is revealed in this book!

The secrets I will share with you in this book are the very ones that pet store owners do NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW.  They want you to buy products you do not need in order to have healthy and happy fish!

From:  Sandra Gaffney


Dear Fellow Fish Enthusiast:

Did you know that owning a freshwater aquarium is actually HEALTHY for you? 

That's Right!  Enjoying an aquarium is very relaxing and therapeutic.  An aquarium is even known to lower blood pressure in many cases!  

GUESS WHAT! You CAN start your own freshwater aquarium with a MIMIMUM of hassle using the secrets and information in my eBook, "My Freshwater Aquarium Secrets."


Tips & Tricks for choosing the RIGHT tank and equipment the FIRST TIME!

Knowing from the beginning what DOES and DOES NOT go in your tank!

How a freshwater aquarium improves your health!

Secrets revealed for proper aquarium setup from bottom to top!

Why Is It That So Many Aquarium Owners Struggle to have a Successful Aquarium Display? Pet Store Owners DON'T WANT YOU to Know the Secrets That Help Them Make More Money!

What are the SECRETS to having an impressive aquarium setup?

When I set up my first freshwater aquarium over 15 years ago, I learned everything the hard way.

Some of my painful lessons cost me not only time , but hard earned money.  

That does not have to happen to you!

Do not struggle and spend valuable time and money when you do not have to.

I vividly remember the agonizing failures I experienced all because I did not have an easy to follow QUICK GUIDE for setting up my first freshwater aquarium.

I did not have the time or the desire to sit and read several books on aquariums and fish and try to piece together bits of information.  

I wanted to get started with my aquarium setup easily and quickly

I needed ONE source of information that was EASY to follow and contained everything I needed to get started right away.  

That source simply was not available.  UNTIL NOW!

I stuck with it, though, and after some hard lessons and expensive mistakes, I advanced on to become a very successful aquarium owner with over 30 species of fish!

You can avoid a LOT of unnecessary hassles with my new eBook, "My Freshwater Aquarium Secrets."  

Imagine Yourself With Your Own Amazing Freshwater Aquarium...

Imagine the health benefits & relaxation you'll achieve admiring your own stunning aquarium!

Imagine the feeling of accomplishment you'll experience after a perfectly successful setup!

Imagine how impressed your friends and family will be when they see your incredible display of freshwater fish!

Imagine knowing MORE about fish and aquariums than the "EXPERTS" at the Pet Store!

Imagine having the healthiest, happiest, and most beautiful freshwater fish to enjoy ANYTIME you like!

Imagine having THE PERFECT STAND ALONE Freshwater Aquarium Guide for less than $15.00!  And that is not even mentioning the free bonuses and my optional Audio eBook version!

Why should you listen to me? Here's Why!

Over 15 years ago, I started my first freshwater aquarium WITHOUT an informative guide.

After years of experience and countless SUCCESSFUL aquarium setups, I am knowledgeable on this subject.

Some of my readers have told me they've used information they learned in my eBook to help other aquarium beginners and actually charged a fee for their services!

You can have the aquarium of your dreams!

You CAN have the aquarium you've always wanted.

You CAN have access to ONE guide with EVERYTHING you need to know for creating the impressive aquarium of your dreams. 

You CAN have 15 years worth of aquarium tips, secrets, and tricks REVEALED and EXPOSED at the touch of a button and delivered to YOUR email box in seconds flat.

You CAN have the HEALTHIEST & HAPPIEST aquarium fish EVER.  

You CAN save A LOT OF MONEY up front by using my eBook as your guide.  

You CAN quickly know more than the so-called "experts" at your local pet store.

You CAN avoid unnecessary purchases from the pet store because I do NOT gain anything by encouraging you to buy products you do NOT need.  

You CAN be an expert in a VERY short amount of time.  

So, if you are ready to start right away with your aquarium setup, I will be glad to share my secrets with you...

Introducing... "My Freshwater Aquarium Secrets!"

In less than 5 minutes, you can have my eBook IN YOUR HANDS and start discovering "My Freshwater Aquarium Secrets!" 

You do NOT have to wait for your Freshwater Aquarium eBook to arrive in the mail, either.  You can have it downloaded and in your hands instantly.  YES, it is THAT SIMPLE!  

Are you ready to make your dream COME TRUE?

The sooner you get started, the sooner you can start enjoying your fish!

My eBook will take the guesswork out of starting your aquarium, so that you will have all the information you need to get started!

You are about to take a step in the right direction, so that you can enjoy the benefits of your own Freshwater Aquarium Fish.  I know you are SO EXCITED!

"My Freshwater Aquarium Secrets"

"My Freshwater Aquarium Secrets" is hands down THE COMPLETE GUIDE for starting your own aquarium.  

My eBook will show you how to quickly start your aquarium without a lot of hassles OR unnecessary expense.

You will avoid costly mistakes and be up and running quickly.  

I KNOW this; that is why I offer a NO QUESTIONS ASKED 100% Money Back Guarantee.


Here is a short sample of some of the things you will discover inside....

Choosing fish for your aquarium - SIMPLIFIED!

So many choices! How to choose the RIGHT AQUARIUM.

How To Guide:  How Fancy Do You Want to Get?

How an aquarium benefits your health.

Best material choices for your aquarium, & pros and cons of each.

Impressive ways to display your freshwater aquarium.

Easy equation to determine how many fish a tank will hold.

Choosing a proper stand and canopy for your tank.

Location Location Location: choosing the best place for your aquarium and fish.

Secrets revealed for proper aquarium setup from bottom to top.

How to add color to your tank without detracting from your fish.

What DOES and DOES NOT go in your aquarium tank.

The MYSTERY of aquarium water testing revealed! It's not that hard to test your water.

Knowing which fish you SHOULD and SHOULD NOT combine in your tank.

EXPOSED!  The WORST possible thing you can do in your aquarium setup!

The two different tank types and choosing which is best for you.

Getting your fish SAFELY from store to tank.

How to choose THE HEALTHIEST FISH in the beginning.

A True Don't Miss Section! Incredible Information on Feeding Your Aquarium Fish

What to do about fish care when you go on vacation or travel.

Knowing what CAN go wrong, how to PREVENT it, and how to DEAL with it in case it happens anyway.

One Common Myth for treating sick fish that should be AVOIDED!

Things you NEED TO KNOW before medicating your fish.

Easy method for housing a SICK fish separately from your HEALTHY fish.

Tips and tricks for keeping everything running clean and smoothly.

EASY SOLUTIONS for common problems aquarium owners have.

How to AVOID unclear water and water with strong odors.

Simple instructions for refilling your aquarium tank.

Rarely disclosed secret for "recycling" used aquarium water to your BENEFIT!

Simple steps for choosing and tending live plants in your tank.

You do not have to be an interior decorator to impressively "accessorize" your tank!

How to easily select the best lighting for your aquarium tank's needs.

Aquarium Lighting Secrets Revealed.

How to easily differentiate between MALE and FEMALE fish.

Simple secrets for choosing the best fish for breeding.

Everything you always wanted to know about fish breeding but were afraid to ask.

Fish Competitions - determining if your fish have showmanship!

Click to Place Your Secure Order - SILVER PACKAGE:  eBook + bonuses

Click to Place Your Secure Order - GOLD PACKAGE:  eBook + bonuses + Audio 

There is absolutely NO DOUBT that the eBook "My Freshwater Aquarium Secrets" is just what you need to get your aquarium started  FIVE MINUTES FROM NOW!

Are you ready to have the AQUARIUM OF YOUR DREAMS?  OF COURSE YOU ARE!  Don't Waste Another Minute!

In addition to my fantastic eBook, I have these FREE BONUSES for you!  What A Deal!




screen1   screen2

The above screen saver graphics are INCLUDED FREE when you order my eBook!  That's right! Absolutely Free!


Preferred Levels of Community Fish is also INCLUDED FREE when you buy my eBook, "My Freshwater Aquarium Secrets!"

This handy guide charts out selection criteria for your fish according to PH Level!  This takes the guesswork out of  fish selection by taking into consideration pH level, temperature, and water hardness.


And that is not all.  You also get FREE with purchase the Aquarium Checklist!

This easy to use checklist guides you step by step into simple aquarium tank setup.  A must have!

Click to Place Your Secure Order - SILVER PACKAGE:  eBook + bonuses

Click to Place Your Secure Order - GOLD PACKAGE:  eBook + bonuses + Audio 

cd audio

You can "listen" to the eBook "My Freshwater Aquarium Secrets" anywhere, anytime that is convenient for you.  On your way to work, while traveling.  Audio eBooks are So Convenient!

For only $5.00 extra, you can download the AUDIO VERSION of this eBook!  That's it, just FIVE  BUCKS for the audio eBook version!
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Click to Place Your Secure Order - GOLD PACKAGE:  eBook + bonuses + Audio 

WOWIt is incredible isn't it?  You get the eBook AND ALL OF THESE fantastic BONUSES!

So, to sum it ALL UP, here is a list of everything you'll get...

"My Freshwater Aquarium Secrets eBook"
"Graphics for Animated Screensavers" Bonus
"Preferred Levels of Community Fish" Bonus
"Aquarium Checklist" Bonus
"My Freshwater Aquarium Secrets Audio" optional

These eBooks are written in plain, easy to follow English.  No scientific technical terms to bore and confuse you.  Now for the BEST part!  

All of the BONUSES are included FREE!
Bonus 1: valued at $4.00
Bonus 2: valued at $7.00
Bonus 3: valued at $4.00

If purchased separately, these BONUSES by themselves would cost you $15.00.

You get all of the bonuses AND MY eBook "My Freshwater Aquarium Secrets" for a low, one time only cost of $14.77! All this for only $14.77!

AND EVERYTHING comes with my Iron Clad 100% No Hassle Money Back Guarantee...

That’s right!  I’m so certain that my eBook and bonuses are just what you are looking for, I’m willing to stand behind it 100 percent for a full 60 days!


I know by now you are saying, "Sandra! I can't wait any longer. I'm ready to Order Now!  Send me the ebook and the bonuses RIGHT NOW!"

So, you have two choices.  You can do Something or you can do Nothing.  If you do nothing, you will be in the same situation tomorrow you are in today.  Wishing you had already started your impressive aquarium setup.

Or... instead of procrastinating another day... you can order my Ebook and Audio and get the free bonuses too!

You decide.  If you want to get started with your freshwater aquarium setup,  order my eBook "My Freshwater Aquarium Secrets," AND get all THREE of my FREE BONUSES, all for only $14.77.  You get INSTANT ACCESS to all FOUR (4) PRODUCTS!

$29.77 worth of products for ONLY $14.77!

For just $14.77, you can instantly download these amazing products and get started with your new freshwater aquarium TODAY.  If you are ready for this unbelieveable eBook, click the button below and get started NOW! 

When you order, you’ll receive this book within minutes, and it’ll be ALL YOURS!  You can refer to it anytime you have a question about your aquarium, regardless of the time of day.  It’s all yours.

Click to Place Your Secure Order - SILVER PACKAGE:  eBook + bonuses

Click to Place Your Secure Order - GOLD PACKAGE:  eBook + bonuses + Audio 

Best of all, I guarantee you will be happy! $14.77 is a small price to pay to have your dream aquarium.  Order now and get the answers you need and be on your way to a gorgeous freshwater tank display.

Silver PackageORGold Package

Wishing You the Best of Success!

P.S.  This eBook contains everything you need for getting your aquarium set up effortlessly, so ORDER NOW!Guarantee

P.P.S.  Remember, every purchase is backed by my 100% no hassle money back guarantee.  You’ll have a full 60 days guarantee.  If my products are not exactly what I say they are, you’ll get all of your money back – no questions asked.  You have absolutely nothing to lose.  It’s easy and it's RISK FREE!  Don’t wait, order now!

P.P.P.S.  Start your stunning aquarium display TODAY! 

Click to Place Your Secure Order - SILVER PACKAGE:  eBook + bonuses
Click to Place Your Secure Order - GOLD PACKAGE:  eBook + bonuses + Audio 

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